New Rules For Marketing And Lead Generation

New Rules For Marketing And Lead Generation

Time does bring changes to our lives, with our marketing and lead generation campaigns among those who are most affected by it. And if you think that the winning tactics that you have used before in generating B2B leads will remain useful for you now, well, think again. The tactics being used now are actually the opposite of what you have done before.

Here is a rundown of the usual tactics we use in generating sales leads:

  1. Create products or services that broadly appeals to the mass market.
  2. Reach out to the largest audience to the best of your ability, using all marketing tools available.
  3. Craft a brand that can is easily recognized and extended to other product categories.

Yes, these are very good strategies to help your appointment setting campaign become successful in the past, but these are also the very ones that can causes you troubles today. That is because the way markets behave nowadays is way different from what the market did five or ten years ago. For one, the internet has redefined the way information is spread online, and it caters to an increasingly localized audience. Second, to attract the attention of your prospects, you need to be highly customized in crafting the right marketing message. And lastly, there are just so many brands being thrown around that people just tune them all out.

Simply put, you have to change the way you play the marketing game. Whether you are employing email or telemarketing to promote your business, you need to remember that modern times require that you employ some, rather modern, changes in your strategies. If you do not adapt to these changes accordingly, then your business will be left behind. You are not Coke, mind you. Whatever marketing strategy they used worked for them because they were able to establish themselves in the past. In your case, you have yet to make a name for yourself.

  1. You have to create a product or service that addresses a very specific customer base.
  2. Target specific customers in your marketing campaign and turn them into your own promoters.
  3. Have your promoters/customers define your product base and the development of your goods.

If you have noticed, you will see that your marketing campaign now is different from your campaign in the past. You may have spent a lot on using various media in broadcasting your business, but, these days, you only need to carefully target your business. And while, in the past, you need to reach a lot of people, today, you have to connect with the small segments (the ones that count). And lastly, it is your customers that define what your products or services will be, not you.

Not bad, right? You have to expect that something like this can happen. Time can be a powerful agent of change. Only those who are not willing to change will be the ones with the most problems at this and will be left behind in the lead generation race.