Getting More Retweets For Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Getting More Retweets For Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign

You know you want this, and that pretty much applies to everyone in the marketing business. And what might that be? Well, it has to be the retweets in Twitter.

This small (but incredible) micro-blogging site has become a fundamental force in the B2B lead generation business. Its usefulness can be fully appreciated if you partner it with other marketing tools, like email or B2B telemarketing. When done right, this can be a really useful way to generate qualified sales leads. The only question here is how you can make that happen. I mean, everyone is on Twitter now, and standing out from the crowd can be really troublesome.

Still, this should not discourage you. There are ways to increase your retweets, but that would require you be employing active marketing methods to get the job done. In other words, you have to be very involved. Unlike other marketing mediums, where there is a process and a system that you arrange to handle most of the appointment setting work, Twitter and other social media marketing tools require that you be constantly nimble and flexible. What may have worked for you today may not work the next day. As for increasing the B2B leads you generate through retweets, you can employ these following tips:

1. Link up your tweets – a good way to increase your retweets would be to put links on your own tweets, especially if the link connects to a particularly interesting topic or subject. It would be a bonus if that link connects to your own company blog or newsletter. It doubles your chances.
2. Ask for a retweet – yes, it is alright to ask. You see, how would your followers know whether to share your tweet or not unless you ask them, right? You just have to know how to best ask. After all, it takes a little boldness to get results.
3. Do not talk about yourself – retweets happen because it is news worth sharing to the most number of people. In any case, talking about yourself, or using too much self-reference, reduces the chances of your tweets getting spread around.
4. Say something new – yes, that is the one constant you can see in all marketing processes. When you tweet something new, it entices people to share the word. The trick here is sharing news that is really new, really interesting, and really compelling enough to get people to share your tweet.
5. Tweet about twitter – when Twitter has news about itself, spreading the word through your own handle would increase your retweets exponentially. After all, anything that can promote Twitter will be encouraged by the website.

For better results, it would also be a good idea to leave this job to professional B2B lead generation agencies with experience in handling social media marketing campaigns, especially in Twitter. It would save a lot of your time, as well as help you concentrate more on your main marketing processes. This would be a smart marketing investment.