B2B Content Marketing Habits that are Wasting your Readers’ Time

B2B Content Marketing Habits that are Wasting your Readers’ Time

Each time you publish a post that goes out into the online public, you take out a little piece of your company and you show it to the world. If that piece turns out to be uninteresting or rubbishy, you’re allowing people to view your company the same way.

If you really want your audience to develop a sincere interest with the content you deliver to them every day, you’ve got to stop wasting their time; otherwise your lead generation efforts would suffer. Why? Because these blogging flaws lessen your chances of converting them into customers.

Are you guilty of these bad habits?

You like making things complicated – Some bloggers think that making a content piece complicated to understand makes it come off as intelligent or sophisticated. But as da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

You jump into baseless conclusions – Remember that people check your content for insight and information. Giving them false or opinionated accounts can kill your chances of converting readers into leads.

You don’t know who reads your stuff – The last thing you want to happen is when you blog posts become generic. Your message needs to be directed at a particular target audience to have optimum lead generation results.

You write in ancient Greek – In B2B, you write for people within your industry, but it’s a mistake to assume that everyone understands the gibberish industry jargons. Don’t risk it – write in plain English, please.

You focus on keywords and word count – The more you lean towards saturating your content with SEO-friendly words and keeping track of your count, the farther you go from maintaining the level of quality. The substance of the post should be the top priority.

You pressure yourself to publish every day – Successful blogs only post 4-5 at most a week, and that is to give time for audiences to see and absorb the most recent content. Posting daily is just a waste of good content by limiting its viewership.

You don’t put yourself into your work – This could be taken figuratively, as in not being committed enough to come up with compelling content, or literally, as in not putting a touch of your qualities into the “persona” being created by your blog. If you want to be a thought-leader, you should let your personality shine through.